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How Instagram Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

1. Instagram Marketing

Basically, Instagram marketing for digital marketing services in Singapore is at its peak right now, and the high demand for Instagram marketing services by various businesses will only increase for the years to come.

Between 2014-2016, the Instagram usage by people aged 19 and below in Singapore has increased 17%, and 12% for ages between 20-24. And as we know, the mobile audience can very easily turn into consumers with the right advertising and ad targeting. People love to follow trends, and the top industries with the highest Instagram engagement are media, sports, luxury, and apparel fashion. And this also happens to be some of the most highly demanded services and industries in Singapore, and that consumers would spend their disposable income on.

The traffic service (volume) in Singapore for the keyword “Instagram marketing” has seen its ups and downs over the last 5 years but currently has hit its highest peak. We assume this is due to the mobile audience nowadays and the increase of younger people creating social media accounts and smartphone usage.

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing social networking service which allows its users to take pictures, videos, apply digital filters and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as media (Coincidentally owned by Facebook Inc). Instagram can be a hugely beneficial marketing channel when the right strategies are put in place. According to Iconosquare’s 2015 industry review for Instagram, top brands post 4.9 times a week, and with consistent posting, engagement is promoted and is key when it comes to increasing and maintaining a strong presence.

2. Instagram Marketing Service in Singapore

Agencies would create targeted ads to people who are intending to spend on the product and DM them to provide an offering if it is allowed. This may be more cost-effective than cold calling as they are potential leads to the product and have higher chances of sales conversion.

Instagram is a very visual platform, and there may be limitations in providing information for the product on an image. By creating a microsite, we are able to give more detailed information on your product and service. Measures will be in place to drive traffic from Instagram to the microsite, through enticing call-to-action banners and buttons. This would help generate more interest for the product and service and increase the likelihood of sales conversion. A weekly report would also be generated to record how the sponsored ads are doing. This would give us an indication of how the ads are faring and whether they are reaching out to your intended audience.

While they are in the same company, Instagram ads are now managed on a separate platform from Facebook. With this in mind, our Instagram marketing service would create sponsored ads directly on Instagram. This allows us to reach our target audience on Instagram more effectively as the sponsored ads would appear on the audience feed, taking up the full screen to get their undivided attention. We would also make use of Instagram influencers to do shoutouts for your product. This would allow the product to be shown to a wide audience as consumers usually browse through Instagram by looking at pictures posted by influencers. With Singapore having lots of Instagram users, we are able to reach a wide audience for your product and service.

Instagram traffic is now spread all over the world, and Singapore is no exception. With the average Singaporean spending over 5 hours daily on social media, Instagram is a gold mine for any digital marketer out there. However, advertising on Instagram is slightly different from Facebook. Sotavento Medios offers Instagram marketing service Singapore for all kinds of businesses.

3. Building Online Presence for Achieving Goals

Search for a developer who is experienced and knowledgeable in these areas. Building a website which maximizes the tools search engines provide to get clients through your virtual door is a technique that’s constantly evolving and requires an understanding of “on-page maximization” and “off-page” activities that are beyond the scope of this article.

Producing a basic website is getting easier and cheaper, but you would be hard-pressed to find a good business that doesn’t at least consult a web developer. Just like you want clients to seek professional services for fitness, it’s good if they see you leading by example. A professional fitness website is a marketing tool that will get extra work through the door and pay for itself. If you have a good designer, it might pay off sooner than you think. “Content” quality and search engine maximization of a site are becoming complex topics, but seeking a developer who is experienced and knowledgeable in these areas can be a great investment. One technique that web developers often use to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of websites is building with a Content Management System (CMS) that allows the owner to easily maintain the site. A modern post-secondary or professional qualifications in web design and development, background in the fitness industry is also a great asset for understanding the unique needs of fitness professionals.

Most trainers are now aware of the essential nature of their web presence and the majority know they need a website. Unfortunately, you can’t just have any old website any more than you can have run-of-the-mill training services. The problem is that there are so many websites that have the potential to be solid marketing tools which completely miss the mark. Other websites are poorly maintained and give potential clients a bad impression of your services. In phasing out or providing unprofessional websites for their services, trainers are unwittingly turning away a lot of business that could be easily gained with a 24/7 marketing presence.

A very important topic for personal trainers who now more than ever rely on the internet to drive business. In many cases, fairly simple web marketing techniques can provide enough extra work to fill a trainer’s schedule. These days, setting up and maintaining a website and leveraging search engines to bring in business are essential skills for personal trainers. Instagram marketing Singapore is essential to ensure growth of the business.

6. How the Agency Helps Clients Achieve Their Goals

The agency offers various digital marketing services to help clients achieve their goals. In a consultation session, the client will discuss with the agency their goals and the plan for the next campaign that they will start. This will help the agency in identifying the correct digital marketing service, customized just for the client, that will help achieve better return on investment by the end of the campaign. Some of the services include search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) that help in improving ranks on Google, thus improving the website traffic. By the improved traffic, clients will also get to see a better return on investment when they use the paid advertising services. Email marketing and social media marketing are the best alternatives for those who are in need of a cheap and good marketing solution. Email marketing will help generate more leads to the target audience for a cheaper cost, with higher chances of turning the leads into a sale. Meanwhile, social media marketing will be able to capture a wider audience, and it is best for product branding. Last but not least, website design and development services can also be an alternative for clients who are planning to improve or rebuild a new website. This will also open new doors to apply SEO and SEM services to the new website. With these services, it is guaranteed that clients will be able to reach their goals by the end of the campaign period.

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