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The Cheapest Billboard in Times Square

Are you hoping to generate some buzz for your brand? Think about investing in a Times Square billboard. With millions of visitors each year, this famous area is among the most well-liked travel destinations worldwide. However, how much do Times Square billboards truly cost, and how can you acquire one?

The placement, size, and length of your advertising will all affect how much a Times Square billboard costs. One of the least expensive choices is a 10-play package at 1530 Broadway, which costs only $1,250. On this digital billboard, a play will be shown about every 18 minutes over the duration of three hours. For individuals with little resources or smaller companies, this might be a fantastic choice.

You may choose to have a professional video of your commercial playing in Times Square if you want to have an even greater effect. This movie may be made accessible for use as ad extensions on social media, Google corporate profiles, and other web properties for an additional $350. It may also be used as a PR image to highlight your brand’s presence in one of the most recognizable places on the planet.

So how exactly can you get a billboard in Times Square? Although the procedure might be complicated, it usually entails collaborating with an advertising firm with relevant skills such as American Guerilla Marketing. We can assist you in sifting through the possibilities to choose the optimal place and time for your campaign.

But whose property are those Times Square billboards? The solution is not that easy. Several separate privately held locations, some of which may have their own billboards or advertising opportunities, make up Times Square.

Therefore, think about purchasing a billboard near Times Square if you want to make a significant impression with your business. There are several possibilities to get your message out there and reach a sizable audience, whether you choose a 10-play package on Broadway or a bigger and more high-profile alternative. Additionally, you have the option of adding a professional video to your campaign, which will enable you to keep your billboard up after its transient Times Square appearance.

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