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Why focusing on the 7 Cs in digital marketing is essential?

Digital Marketing plays a significant role in communication between brands and customers. Today for any brand, it is essential to maintain its online presence to sustain itself in the market. Digital marketing agencies use the following methods to promote brands. 

The methods are given below: 



Social media marketing.

Content marketing.

Email marketing.

Social media marketing.

Mobile marketing.

Marketing analytics.

Affiliate marketing network.

Focusing on the 7Cs of digital marketing can significantly affect the outcome of yielding digital marketing results.

All of these methods work towards the 7 Cs which are:

1) Customer

2) Content

3) Context

4) Competition

5) Community

6) Cohesive

7) Conversions


No matter the product you need to market or the business model, the focus should be on the customer. Through digital marketing, this becomes easy to aim your campaign, communication and service on the need of your customer. You have to know about your customer to make all your efforts work to the maximum capacity. And plan accordingly for the future. This process starts with building marketing personas for your customer. Before planning any marketing campaign, this step must be taken. So that you can understand how to design your campaign and what message will reach your targeted audience. In addition, you should keep track of customer behaviour. These days’ customers prioritise personalised, transparent and genuine conversations and brand experiences at every phase of the sales cycle. New behaviours are discovered daily; the digital marketer must predict them and attempt to understand your customer in depth. 

You must get accurate customer data and use it to make customer-centred content succeed, along with improving the brand’s message.


Creation of high quality, eccentric and PRO content is the only qualification you need to succeed in the digital marketing strategy. Other factors also matter, such as being creative when writing your content. And constantly updating your content and following recent SEO updates. This means that the content being created must be suitable for SEO. The SEO content is created by keeping your target audience in mind. Hence they can find your brand through it when they search for content. SEO is the way to optimise your content with the use of exact keywords. That will help you rank on the top of search engine result pages. 

There are various forms of SEO content that can be utilised. For example, blog posts, guides, videos, infographics etc. Before you start to create anything. You have to find out how to formulate an effective SEO strategy that you can used in the long run. 


To get your brand’s message across, you must have the broader context of the targeted audience. It means understanding your buyer’s intent and relating it to the world’s current situation. And then making content that relates to your audience. 


Technology has also bought in competition and given marketers the opportunity to enhance their brand’s visibility. Customers enjoy businesses’ new and innovative ideas and the fact that now through the website, they can know about the brand. And with it they have the ease of buying products through the phones. It has transformed digital marketing strategies too. And made it easy to track what technology the competition is using, which can help your brand. 


Today, customers have more buying power than they could have before. And making a connection with them on a deeper level is the basis for success for every business. One of the successful ways to develop customer relations and build brand loyalty to get a lead is through the community. Community marketing is an excellent strategy in terms of engaging the audience in a transparent, inconspicuous and conversational manner. It will assist you in building long-term relationships with present and potential customers. By combining them via topics related to your brand. In addition, community building as a part of your digital marketing strategy will let you narrow the gap in the business direction you are aiming towards. And the people that will help you reach there. 


For the success of any business, it is vital to create a cohesive digital marketing strategy. It simply means that whatever channel maybe be used, the service, content and brand values should remain constant. Doing this will keep consistency across all the channels and provide you with a good return on investment. Of course, the website has to be a critical source of information. But you should also be present on all the channels where your audience can be. What is being offered on these platforms should align with the brand website’s standards. Once this is done correctly, you can grow swiftly and efficiently. And reach and appeal to the targeted audience whenever they interact with your business.


After you have used all the resources to generate a robust digital marketing strategy, it’s time to measure the results of those efforts. Based on your marketing efforts, any user action that has helped your business reach its goal is considered a conversion. Which can be one of the following: filling out forms, downloading whitepapers, assisting in case studies, eBooks, signup etc. Using digital marketing in an effective way. You can increase conversions without spending much. Other than conversions, you can also predict the campaign’s success. Know how to improve the brand’s website performance and generate improved insights about your audience. 

These conversion insights can also inform you about what visitors visit your site. What page do they stay on the longest, and if they are making any purchases or browsing the website?


This blog is written on The 7 Cs of digital marketing, where Digital marketing has been discussed. And why are 7Cs, which are 1 Customer, Content, Context Competition, Community, Cohesive and Conversions. All the marketing efforts are based on it.

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